Senate Needs to Rein in Copyright Bill

CDT released a memo today detailing major concerns with S. 3804, the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act.”  Copyright infringement is a serious problem, and CDT harbors no sympathy for websites whose primary purpose is to enable widespread violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights. If enacted, though, this bill would stand…

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Ask CDT: Answers on ECPA

This week, CDT Vice President Jim Dempsey (pictured left) testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the need to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). He also took readers’ questions on the important and complex law. Below are his answers. Question: Under the…

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Has Facebook (Quietly) Fixed “Instant Personalization”?

Late last week, Facebook announced the expansion of its “instant personalization” program to a new partner site: Rotten Tomatoes. Although Facebook emphasized on its blog that this new addition to the highly controversial program is “like other instant personalization partner sites,” the Rotten Tomatoes implementation is quite different (and better!) from what we…

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CDT: No Major Role in Cybersecurity for FCC

In comments filed today, CDT asked the Federal Communications Commission to take three guiding principles into account when drawing up its Cybersecurity Roadmap as part of the National Broadband Plan.  First, CDT urged the Commission to recognize its own lack of open-ended jurisdiction over the Internet and to avoid taking a major role in…

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Should Crackdown on Illegal Web Content Involve Government Seizure of Domain Names?

Copyright infringement is a serious issue – a global problem that plagues creative efforts of all kinds, killing jobs and siphoning profits from legitimate companies.  There should be no sympathy for websites whose primary purpose is enabling wanton copyright violation and the theft of other intellectual property.   A new bill sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy…

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Back to the Future: First Thoughts on Diaspora

If you're reading Policy Beta, the odds are good that you know about Diaspora. Started in response to growing concerns about privacy on today's dominant social networks, the Diaspora project collected an unprecedented $200,000 of support from concerned Internet users. So after all the media attention and donations, is Diaspora worth it? Read on, dear reader -…

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Crucial Privacy Law Needs Update to Meet Demands of New Technology

The Electronic Communications Privacy Law (ECPA), passed in 1986, was the right law at the right time; however, technologies never imagined by Congress at the time the law was passed, have become ubiquitous.  However, ECPA hasn't been upgraded in any significant way since it was introduced, light years…

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Cybersecurity Policy Should Protect Privacy, Innovation

In comments filed yesterday, CDT asked the Department of Commerce to take a careful, nuanced approach to cybersecurity, to favor market-based approaches over government mandates, and to ensure that its efforts are not so heavy-handed as to stifle innovation or slow the development of necessary cybersecurity measures. CDT also urged the Department to take a leading role…

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