The Continuing Saga of Thomas Jefferson and the Net

This post is part of "CDT Fellows Focus," a series that presents the views of notable experts on tech policy issues. This month, CDT Fellow David Post writes about the Internet and the recent revolutions in the Middle East. David Post is the author of the book "In Search of Jefferson's Moose: Notes…

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Beyond Bright Shiny Objects: Childrenʼs Privacy

Last week, CDT President Leslie Harris participated in a panel on kids' privacy at Yale Law School's symposium "From Mad Men to Mad Bots: Advertising in the Digital Age." As part of that event, Leslie submitted a "thought piece" entitled "Beyond Bright Shiny Objects: Situating Childrenʼs Privacy within a Comprehensive Privacy Framework". In this essay, Leslie…

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FTC-Google “Buzz” Settlement Sets New Norm for Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission today announced the terms of a proposed settlement with Google over charges the company used "deceptive tactics and violated its own privacy promises to consumers" during last year's launch of "Buzz," a social networking service.  The settlement will establish a set of new norms for how companies can use consumers' personal information. The

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Ask CDT Video Answers: Global Net Freedom

Last week, Cynthia Wong, Director of CDT’s Project on Global Internet Freedom, took viewers' questions on global net freedom for "Ask CDT." Below is her video response. To see all of the written questions and answers, click here. You can see the entire "Ask CDT" series here.

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A Nuanced Understanding of Privacy

A case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc., has serious implications for how privacy protections are interpreted.  But understanding the various risks posed in this case requires some careful unpacking of the ways in which "privacy" is—and is not—at issue here.  CDT's Health Privacy Project team has taken a look those risks…

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Judge Rejects Google Books Settlement

The lawsuit many have called potentially the most important development in digital copyright law since the DMCA entered a new phase yesterday, when Judge Denny Chin rejected the Google Book Search settlement. I say “potentially” because it was never certain that the ambitious vision of the settlement – a comprehensive digital library and bookstore including millions of…

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