Freedom of Expression for the Next 5 Billion Internet Users

Like no medium before it, the Internet can empower citizens to communicate instantaneously with others in their own communities and worldwide, at low cost relative to traditional forms of media. The Internet’s unique attributes create new opportunities to collaborate, exchange ideas, and promote scientific, cultural, and economic progress. Producers of traditional forms of media also can use the Internet…

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Yahoo! Data Retention: A Race to the Bottom for Privacy

We trust search engines with information that we won’t tell our family, friends, or doctors. But do they deserve our trust? Typically search engines keep logs of all the searches you make, tied to a unique cookie, or possibly even your real name. The law does not directly limit what companies can do with that data themselves, and, of…

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Tilting at Titans

Yesterday I was fighting for consumer privacy, pondering global Internet freedom, and drilling down on the perplexing “right to be forgotten” issue.  Today I am a “Titan” or more precisely, a “Tech Titan,” according to Washingtonian Magazine’s annual list of influential people who touch technology in Washington from a host of different angles. I am at once humbled…

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Ask CDT: Internet Neutrality

From April 18-24, CDT legal expert David Sohn (pictured right) will take questions from viewers on Internet neutrality, one of tech policy’s perennial hot topics. Please submit your questions in the comments section below; David will also give his answers in the comments section. Feel free to provide your name, organization, and/or website if you want to…

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Reader Privacy Issues Remain Following Google Books Settlement Rejection

With the long-awaited decision on the Google Books settlement behind us, it would be easy to think that the privacy concerns CDT raised over the proposed expansions of the service are no longer an issue. The settlement has been rejected, and Google won’t be rolling out expanded book previews, full-text access, and institutional subscriptions, so we needn’t worry about…

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Bipartisan Senate Bill Holds Promise for Internet Privacy

Today Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and John McCain (R-AZ) released the first comprehensive privacy bill the Senate has seen in more than ten years. (CDT put out a formal statement about the bill earlier today.) We firmly believe that the introduction of this legislation moves us one step closer to the enactment of needed baseline…

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The Continuing Saga of Thomas Jefferson and the Net

This post is part of "CDT Fellows Focus," a series that presents the views of notable experts on tech policy issues. This month, CDT Fellow David Post writes about the Internet and the recent revolutions in the Middle East. David Post is the author of the book "In Search of Jefferson's Moose: Notes…

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