Get to Knows CDT’s Fellows: Gautam Hans

Written by Brian Wesolowski

Gautam Hans is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University. He is also one of CDT’s non-resident Fellows (and a CDT alum!), engaging with our policy teams to provide valuable insight from his research. In this Q & A we get to learn more about Gautam and his current work. 

Why did you become a CDT Fellow?

As a former CDT staff member, I wanted to continue to give back to the organization that helped launch my career. CDT has a great sense of what are the cutting-edge issues in law and technology policy.

What is your current research focus?

Free speech (public perceptions of speech issues), ethical issues in clinical teaching

What’s the most pressing internet policy issue of today?

Oversight and accountability in an era of mass information.

What advice do you have for aspiring tech & internet academics?

It is a tight-knit community that loves to foster new voices (particularly underrepresented ones) — you should feel free to reach out to folks, even high-profile people whom you think may not have time for you. Many of us love to hear from people who are starting out.

What’s a passion or hobby outside of tech & the internet?

Baking and cooking — especially ice cream.

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