CDT Gets an “A” for Fiscal Transparency

Written by Brian Wesolowski

The Center for Democracy & Technology was recently recognized by CIO for being a leader in fiscal transparency. Interested in a “spate of news stories about alleged ‘astroturf’ advocacy” in the growing domestic net neutrality debate, they chose to look into the funding transparency of several of the  groups most active in the issue, including CDT.

We’re grateful to have received the only “A” grade of the groups evaluated. To receive an “A”, groups need to not just report basic financials, but also list major contributors with specific dollar amounts.

At CDT, we’re proud of our diverse funding sources and grateful to all of our supporters. We also believe it’s important to practice what we preach. As strong advocates for greater transparency from government in their surveillance practices, companies in their data management and security, and apps in the privacy polices, we are committed to giving the same level of transparency we advocate for.

Feel free to check out our financial reports and we’ll do our best to continue to earn top grades.

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