How Algorithms Can Impact Online Civil Rights Movements

Access to the internet enables billions of people worldwide to share their stories; whether those stories reach a widespread audience, however, depends on how platforms promote certain content over others. The decision of what to amplify can make or break a social movement taking place online, and the algorithms that determine which information to deliver can create a barrier to these digital social movements by reducing their ability to compel people’s attention.

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Intelligence Transparency and Yahoo Email Scanning

  Today, President-elect Trump is scheduled to meet with U.S. intelligence agencies to discuss evidence of Russian interference in the U.S. elections.  Mr. Trump has said that if the intelligence community has evidence of Russian interference, it should make that evidence public.  Part of this story is new: a president-elect is casting doubt on intelligence he hasn’t seen.  And part…

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CDT Challenges Overly Broad Surveillance Demand On Facebook

Today, we joined the ACLU, the NYCLU, and the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in defense of the rights of 381 Facebook users whose records were sought en masse by the Manhattan District Attorney. We filed a brief arguing that Facebook has the right to challenge the warrants on behalf of its users, and to notify its users that the government was seeking the contents of their accounts.

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An Election Hacking Select Committee Carries Both Promise and Risk

Though not without risk, an independent select committee, that is not overly beholden to any stakeholder, and is as transparent in its deliberations as possible, may actually be a positive development as Congress and the country work to determine whether there was foreign interference in the U.S. election and how such interference in any democratic election can be prevented.

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How cyber secure are you? Find out!

We all need to take control of our own cybersecurity. It appears we are about to enter an era of increased threats to our democratic rights, which makes it even more important to take steps to ensure that your devices and digital communications are private and secure. CDT developed a quiz to help you assess how cyber secure you are and offer tips on how to improve.

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