Content Moderation

CDT has worked on content moderation and related issues, including intermediary liability and the role of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making systems, since its inception. In recent years, as interest in these topics has grown, CDT has continued to be a leader in both domestic and global conversations about the intersection of content moderation and transparency, accountability, and human rights. We collaborate with a variety of partners, including academics and advocates, through work such as the Santa Clara Principles. We also engage directly and one-on-one with tech companies and policymakers. Through these informal and formal engagements, we give input, shape policy, and successfully push for greater transparency around platform practices that impact user rights. We are also conducting research on the mechanics of content moderation at different platforms, and developing educational opportunities that bring the realities and challenges of content moderation to different audiences.

Recent Content

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Context Before Code: Meta’s Oversight Board Policy Advisory Opinion on the Word “Shaheed” Calls for Language and Cultural Nuance in Content Moderation

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EU Tech Policy Brief: March 2024

Testimony for the Colorado Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee by Aliya Bhatia, Policy Analyst at the Center for Democracy & Technology’s Free Expression Project. White document on black background.

CDT’s Aliya Bhatia Testifies Before Colorado Senate Committee Raising Equity, Free Speech and Privacy Concerns with Mandating Use of Age Verification Tech

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Just Released Research: Student Demands for Better Guidance Outpace School Supports to Spot Deepfakes

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Tech Talk: Talking Tech with Kate Ruane & K.J. Bagchi on Moody v. NetChoice & NetChoice v. Paxton

CDT Joins Letter Endorsing the Invest in Child Safety Act. White document on a grey background.

CDT Joins Letter Endorsing the Invest in Child Safety Act

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