Graphic for CDT's Elections & Democracy work. Light blue gradient background, with a white and light and dark blue colored ballot box – and a ballot with a digitized trail.

Election Admin and Security

Well-run, secure, and accessible elections are the bedrock of a functioning democracy. But American elections have not always lived up to this ideal. The 2000 presidential election, with its “hanging chads,” drew the nation’s attention to poorly-designed voting systems. The Russian attacks on election infrastructure in 2016 highlighted vulnerabilities in computerized election systems. And access to the vote has never been guaranteed — disabled voters and voters of color still face obstacles to voting. CDT advocates for policy and technology to support a democracy that works for everyone.

PSA: Mail-in Voting – Counting Every Vote

CDT believes every vote should be counted, even if it takes a while – trust in the vote by mail process is essential to ensuring that.

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A still from an animated PSA by CDT, discussing the power of mail-in voting and the security measures around it. Six mail-in ballots are being scanned to check for barcodes, signatures, and other built-in checks to prevent double voting.

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CDT Comments to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission on Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

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Tech Talk: Post-Election Audits, Disinformation, “Rumoring” and more — Talking Tech w/ Kate Starbird, Will Adler, Aliya Bhatia

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Press Release: Incoming D.C. Council Urged to Keep Elections Secure in Wake of New Report

Graphic for CDT's Elections & Democracy work. Blue background, with "Elections and Democracy" in white and dark blue text, with a similar-colored ballot box – and a ballot with a digitized trail. Small black CDT logo.

Letter Urging DC Council Not to Reintroduce Internet Voting Bill

Graphic for CDT report, entitled “De-Weaponizing and Standardizing the Post-Election Audit.” A column of ballots is arranged in blue, green, and red, overlapping with scanline patterns in bright blue, purple, and teal. Black background, and white text and CDT logo.

De-Weaponizing and Standardizing the Post-Election Audit

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