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How to Keep Your Internet Browser History Private

Teen Vogue: Congress has sold out your browsing habits to advertisers, passing a law that allows internet service providers that provide your broadband connection to sell your data without asking for permission first. Protecting yourself isn’t as easy as many make it out. Here’s the steps you should take to keep your data from being gathered up and sold to the highest bidder.

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Who Is Responsible for Stopping Live-Streamed Crimes?

NBC: Social media companies can do better by clearly highlighting “report abuse” buttons and by training their employees very clearly on a protocol when things like crimes are flagged, said Emma Llansó, director of the Free Expression project at the Center for Democracy and Technology. But that system only works if users use those functions and actually flag, she said.

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It's time for porn sites to embrace HTTPS

CIO: As long as you’re of legal age, visiting adult websites should be your own business. The reality is, however, very few adult sites offer high levels of security, and if someone snoops on your browsing habits they can see the pages you visit, the content you download, and the specific terms you search for.

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