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Instagram Account That Sought Harassment Tales May Be Unmasked

New York Times: “The reason that people are making these sorts of accounts anonymously is because of the fear of reprisal that they face — that’s a key part of why we have a First Amendment right to anonymous speech,” Emma Llansó said. “On the other hand, defamation and untrue statements that are damaging to people’s reputations are also something our laws protect against.”

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Pennsylvania race shows need for U.S. voting machine upgrades: experts

Reuters: “With paper, you can recount or audit that paper and carefully check the performance of the voting system, ensuring that the electronic result would match what a full hand count would show. Without a paper audit trail, any recount is just like hitting enter on the keyboard over and over again: You get the same answer and you have no clue if that answer is correct,” said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, an election security expert with the Center for Democracy & Technology.

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Apple's Health App Update Makes Keeping Track of Your Medical Records Way Easier

SELF: Apple’s most recent release, iOS 11.3 beta, includes a major addition to the Apple Health app: a Health Records feature that lets customers pull up their medical records on their phones whenever they want. Per the press release from Apple, the data will be encrypted and protected via the passcode on your phone. But Michelle De Mooy tells SELF that even with these measures, it’s “not possible” for Apple (or any company) to mitigate every security risk that accompanies this kind of data storage.

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