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Americans Deserve a Law Protecting Their Digital Privacy - Here’s Our Proposal

Privacy is a fundamental human right. For too long, Americans’ digital privacy has varied widely, hinging on the technologies and services we use, on the companies that provide those services, and on our capacity to navigate confusing notices and settings. It’s time for Congress to pass legislation providing comprehensive protections for personal information. To advance this dialogue, CDT has put forth a draft federal privacy bill for discussion.

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NTIA Asks Right Questions on Consumer Privacy Law, Misses Mark By Not Addressing a Nationwide Baseline Standard

Last week the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) published a Request for Comment (RFC) to solicit ideas on a federal privacy framework. All the right issues are on the table, but one big piece is missing: endorsing a legislative floor that prohibits exploitive and intrusive data collection and use. CDT will file comments recommending strong federal privacy legislation that creates a clear, targeted, and enforceable baseline in the U.S.

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FISA 702 Reform: The USA Liberty Act Puts an End to “About” Collection

Last week, a bipartisan group of Representatives introduced H.R. 3989, the USA Liberty Act, which would reauthorize Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act for an additional six years. The bill also represents the first effort at substantively reforming Section 702 in advance of the spying authority’s sunset on December 31. One of the bill’s most important provisions is its ban on collecting communications that are neither to nor from a target overseas, a practice colloquially known as “about” collection.

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The Vulnerabilities Equities Process: Is Congress Getting Ready to Provide Transparency and Regulation?

The Vulnerabilities Equities Process has been subject to policy debates over the last few years, but this fall Congress may act on the topic for the first time. Despite making incredibly important decisions, the VEP has generally been ignored by Congress, but two new legislative proposals would provide oversight, and in one case, light reforms.

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