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Tackling Disinformation: Proposed EU Code of Practice Should Not Lead to Politically Biased Censorship

In April 2018, the European Commission published a Communication on “Tackling Online Disinformation: A European Approach”. The Communication outlines overarching principles and objectives that should guide short and long term actions to tackle the phenomenon of disinformation. In our response to the Commission’s Communication, we cautioned against the potential risks to free expression of this self-regulatory initiative. While many of the specific commitments in the draft Code are benign, we remain concerned that the overall process is oriented toward pressuring platforms to remove or suppress content and accounts without meaningful safeguards.

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EU Tech Policy Brief: May 2018 Recap

This is the May recap issue of CDT’s monthly EU Tech Policy Brief. It highlights some of the most pressing technology and internet policy issues under debate in Europe, the U.S., and internationally, and gives CDT’s perspective on them.

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EU Parliament Must Step Up After Council Adopts Ill-Advised Copyright Position

On May 25th, the Council’s permanent representatives committee agreed on a common position on the European Commission’s draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. To our disappointment, Member State governments did not deviate substantially from the Commission’s ill-advised position, and the approved text will serve as a mandate for the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament. Here’s why the Parliament needs to step up and oppose Council’s position.

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EC Initiative on Disinformation Must Not Curb Free Expression

The European Commission has, as expected, published a Communication on “Tackling Online Disinformation: A European Approach”. The Communication comes on the back of a public consultation and a report from a “High-Level Group on Fake News”. But we worry that the speed with which the Commission wants to proceed, and the lack of clarity regarding the scope of the problem it wants to address, will push online service providers, aided by technology tools and fact checkers, to curtail free expression, political debate and access to information.

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The EC Wants Europe to Lead on AI – But Its Restrictive Copyright Draft Rules for TDM Will Not Help

On 25 April 2018, the European Commission published its Communication on “Artificial Intelligence for Europe”. The Communication lays out a broad set of policies and initiatives for the European Union to undertake the deployment and development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. The Commission’s focus on ensuring that the benefits of AI can be enjoyed by all of society is appropriate. CDT’s thinking in this area has focused on tools that can help technology developers build safeguards against unintended bias and other ethical pitfalls as they design automated decision-making processes. We look forward to engaging with the proposed AI Alliance on these and other issues.

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