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It’s Time to Move to HTTPS

You’ve heard us talk extensively about the importance of moving the web to HTTPS – the encrypted version of the web’s HTTP protocol. CDT has released a one-pager aimed at website system administrators (and their bosses!) that describes the importance of HTTPS. And we are excited to announce a partnership to increase HTTPS adoption for online adult entertainment.

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Put It In The Vault: Why You Should Use a Password Manager

a good password may be all that stands between your account and someone taking over your account or getting access to the information in one of your online accounts. However, if you feel frustrated that a “good” password is often long, complex, and difficult to remember, you are not alone: research done by Microsoft has found that the average user has approximately 25 accounts with passwords. Remembering just one thing that is longer than about seven characters is difficult for the average person. A password manager is a piece of software that helps you generate long, complex passwords, then securely stores all of these passwords in an encrypted virtual container.

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Think Differentially: Apple's Forward-Thinking Approach to Privacy in iOS 10

In the technology world, good design is driven by data, and companies often have to think critically about trade-offs between usability and privacy. Apple, which has been consistently innovative in its product design and in its approach to privacy, will deploy a technique known as differential privacy in iOS. Differential privacy allows user data to be examined in aggregate without revealing anything about a specific individual’s behavior.

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Two Factors are Better Than One

You may have heard how important it is to have a strong password. However, passwords can still be stolen or an attacker can scam you into giving them your password. To guard against this threat, many websites now offer multi-factor authentication. While different sites may refer to this feature differently, such as two-step login or two-factor sign-in or even login approvals, it has the same goal: to keep you safer online.

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Anonymity Isn’t a Bug – It’s a Feature

While the Tor Messenger is currently in beta release (and thus should not be used in high risk scenarios), it is a great first step and simple to install and use. People do not log on to the internet to “be anonymous,” they log on to communicate with friends, shop, read news, and share their opinions. Any technology that makes it possible to perform these tasks safely and easily is a step forward.

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Learn to think like an attacker to stay safe online

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month. You’ll be seeing a lot of encouraging words to “be aware” of cybersecurity. But how the heck are we supposed to do that? Cybersecurity done well is ideally something people don’t have to think about! However, a big part of cybersecurity awareness involves being able to estimate and plan accordingly for common threats. In the technical community, we call this threat modeling.

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Unsanctioned Web Tracking is Harmful

Recently, the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a group within the W3C charged with stewardship of the Web’s architecture, released a statement that “unsanctioned tracking” is harmful to the web. Specifically, the TAG noted three types of unsanctioned tracking technologies that are especially harmful to users’ privacy: browser fingerprinting, super cookies, and header enrichment.

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Make Your Password Exponentially More Secure

If you’ve used the internet, you’ve probably created a password. There’s a lot of advice out there about creating passwords: use uppercase! use lowercase! Use numbers! Symbols! Don’t use a dictionary word! Use many dictionary words in a passphrase! There is so much advice, and so much of it is conflicting, and often it comes without any explanation. In this post, I’ll detail what a good password is (and why), give you some tools to help remember your password, and give a few other simple ways to help protect your account.

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