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Justice Neil Gorsuch?

The last man standing, and current Supreme Court nominee, is 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch. We are still reviewing his record, but statisticians believe his nomination advances the President’s goal of moving the Court in a more conservative direction.

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Washington Court Should Find ECPA Unconstitutional

ECPA allows the government to prevent service providers from notifying their customers that the government has accessed a customer’s private electronic data stored in the cloud. This egregious conduct not only violates the First and Fourth Amendment, it compromises public trust in cloud computing. That’s why we filed a brief asking the court to declare Section 2705(b) of ECPA unconstitutional.

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Only Humans Need Apply: Job Prospects Following Advances in AI

Last week, in response to a Request for Information from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, CDT submitted a report on “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” (“AI”). Our comments focused on how the government can reduce inequality in the workforce and promote societal progress as AI advances. CDT believes in the power of AI, and suggests policy improvements specifically to: (1) use AI for public good, (2) address social and economic implications caused by AI, and (3) harness AI with scientific and technical training.

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Look It Up: Carla Hayden is Qualified

Dr. Carla Hayden understands technology and its interaction with libraries. She is passionate about using technology to modernize the collection and digitize its assets to increase access to the Library. She wants to make sure digitized materials are accessible in formats that will allow people with visual disabilities to access them. She believes in the value of free access to information, and protecting the privacy of library users. If our Senators want to be able to send their staffers to the library to “look it up,” they should confirm Dr. Hayden as the Librarian of Congress without further delay.

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Strong Encryption Wins Again, Time to End the Debate On Government Backdoors

Yesterday, the Department of Justice asked a California District Court to vacate a motion compelling Apple to draft new code that would weaken the security of its iPhone. The government’s motion is a clear affirmation that government mandated backdoors, or weaknesses in technology, are not necessary. Yet again, encryption came out on top in this debate, which is a very good thing for our personal and national security.

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The 411 on Tech Prom

CDT’s Annual Dinner, Tech Prom, is two weeks from today! As always, a huge thank you to our honoree and sponsors. To help you get the most out of the event, please take a few minutes to review the logistical details below, including the schedule for the event, tips for attending, and directions to the venue.

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WWJGD? (What Would Justice Garland Do?)

Yesterday, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. How he might rule on issues of interest to the tech community is unknown, but by all accounts, a Justice Garland would…

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CDT Files Brief in Support of Apple and Strong Encryption

The ongoing quest to protect our devices from backdoor weaknesses that allow government surveillance and third party attacks has once again moved into the courts. The FBI is attempting to compel Apple to create code that would significantly weaken the security of its iPhones and make them more less secure. CDT has long opposed government-mandated backdoors in technology, and believes that strong encryption strengthens the security of our nation. CDT collaborated with Wilson Sonsini to file an amicus brief in support of Apple in the federal district asking the court to refuse the FBI’s request.

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