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Americans Deserve a Law Protecting Their Digital Privacy - Here’s Our Proposal

Privacy is a fundamental human right. For too long, Americans’ digital privacy has varied widely, hinging on the technologies and services we use, on the companies that provide those services, and on our capacity to navigate confusing notices and settings. It’s time for Congress to pass legislation providing comprehensive protections for personal information. To advance this dialogue, CDT has put forth a draft federal privacy bill for discussion.

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Google: Don’t Bow to China’s Censorship Regime

Today, CDT joined civil society groups in calling on Google to not offer a censored search engine app to users in China. We believe that the offer of a censored search app is inconsistent with the commitments Google has made and with the initiatives it has taken to protect human rights. The only way to avoid the impact of the Chinese government’s restrictions on freedom of expression is to avoid offering search in China.

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It's Time for National Privacy Protections

Privacy is on a winning streak and that is good for every single internet and smartphone user, or in today’s connected world, almost everyone. With the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act, our most populous state has taken bold action to protect the privacy rights of its residents, and now it’s time for Congress to act so all Americans enjoy these same rights.

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Oakland Shows Leadership in Passing Strong Surveillance Law

Ubiquitous surveillance has the potential to chill speech, limit our freedom of association, and disrupt the personal boundaries we should enjoy, even while in public. The city of Oakland recognized this and has demonstrated great leadership in recently passing a strong surveillance oversight law. The law gives fundamental oversight abilities to Oakland citizens for the technology that could be used by the government to monitor them.

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The Big Questions About Privacy That Need Answers

I had a teacher who once said, “when the stuff is hitting the fan, there are three questions to ask: What’s important? What’s missing? And what’s next?” Members of Congress will have their day with Mark Zuckerberg this week, but I’m more interested in unpacking these three questions – and moving towards their answers.

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CDT’s 2018 Tech Resolutions

At CDT, we love technology, especially when it makes ours lives easier. While many here are among the first adopters of new technology, we also have our share of skeptics who bring a healthy dose of paranoia. This balance of perspectives makes our advocacy more thoughtful. And it means that when I asked the team what their tech resolutions for 2018 were, I received a wide range of answers. I received such great responses that I wanted to share them more broadly – I hope you enjoy them, and I would love to hear yours as well. Happy New Year everyone!

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ICANN Must Follow Its Own Rules

It is a fundamental underpinning of multistakeholderism that all parties are equal. Thus, government interests should not be elevated above individual or commercial interests when those interests are deemed legitimate after appropriate review and process.

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A United Front Against Collecting Passwords at the Border

CDT a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security. CDT, along with a powerful coalition of civil society groups, academics, technical experts, and tech trade associations, strongly opposes any attempt by the government to collect social media passwords as a condition of entry to the United States. Such an approach would undermine human rights and personal security.

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