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Parliamentary Committee Leading AVMSD Debate Rejects Upload Filtering But Leaves Much to be Desired

Despite the apparent improvements on intermediary liability protection provisions, a concern we had previously highlighted, the text adopted in the Culture & Education (CULT) committee of the European Parliament remains far from satisfactory, raising new concerns around the take down of legal content, and thus threatening freedom of expression online.

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EU Tech Policy Brief: April 2017

This is the April issue of CDT’s monthly EU Tech Policy Brief. It highlights some of the most pressing technology and internet policy issues under debate in Europe, the US, and internationally, and gives CDT’s perspective on them.

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European Commission Strategy on Criminal Justice in Cyberspace Can Move the Debate Forward

As part of the European Agenda on Security, the European Commission committed to addressing, among many other things, the challenges law enforcement authorities face when obtaining digital evidence for cross-border criminal investigations. The Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention Committee’s progress report provides new and very relevant data that can help inform the efforts towards workable solutions

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First report on the EU Hate Speech Code of Conduct shows need for transparency, judicial oversight, and appeals

While the European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová’s intentions on combating online hate speech are sincere, and the problem she seeks to address is real and important, the Commission’s strategy, its stated objectives, and its implementation are questionable on several levels. This blog post notes a series of concerns about the strategy and proposes some recommendations for addressing them.

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